Our Home!

It is complete!
Please try to ingore the big pile of dirt! lol that will be gone in no time!

We've finally moved in, found a place for things and have had a few get together with friends and family.

The house that we've been working on since October of last year is finally complete and we have been enjoying every second of it!
our kitchen

I posted about this here home when we first broke ground and its amazing to think that it all was built so wonderfully and quickly. I certainly have to give a special thanks to mother nature here in Ohio for the tremendously mild winter we had. We couldn't have be blessed by a better time to build!

It was a great experience that MDH and I really had fun with. From picking out carpet, counters and paint colors to meeting our neighbors during the times that we would come watch the carpenters work was such a blessing!
our stone fireplace that I adore!

Now I have to hop to getting prepared for the housewarming party....I'm thrilled by the way to have everyone come and share this awesome time in our lives with us!

Many pictures to come on decorated rooms and attempts at gardening.

I'm not sure exactly how long it will take to settle but i can say confidently that it is already feeling like home!Pin It

A Girls Day Out!

I love spending time with the girls! Especially when its with a little cutie like my 2 year old god daughter Naomi. She is such a cutie patootie and when I get a free day to spend with her a take it and it never fails that we have a GREAT time together!

Last month I carved out a beautiful Saturday morning to spend with the little beauty. We had a great time. Being somewhat new to my city I had yet to go to the local museum so I figured this would be an awesome time to go check it out since I had heard that they have an amazing children's area as well!

She loved it!

The Dress Up Station
A peg board type of thing

An art easel
An adorable little mouse hole for the kids to climb through!
It really was a fantastic way to spend the morning! We really enjoyed ourselves and I cant wait to take more family and friends to that local Art Institute!

After a long morning of playing around in the city these two girls needed a cup of Joe and muffin.

We went to a charming little place and the barista just happened to have smaller cups that resembled the ones usually used for hot drinks...aka my daily coffee! Naomi was so excited that she had "a cup like me" for her milk that she could hardly set the thing down! It was adorable :)

All in all is was a GREAT girls day out! Can't wait to see what we get into next time!Pin It