Who Knew?

Well to answer the titles question : Certainly not me! ha ha

Let me explain....

After studying two years of social work, MDH and I moved to a different area of the state and I took some time off of school until we got settled in. During that hiatus I ended up getting an administrative assistant position at one of the most incredible childcare centers in the city. I loved the job! Loved the environment, the people, but most of all I fell in love with the kids! My experience there with the children really meant alot to me and once DH and I started discussing when I would go back to school I mentioned that I may just want to change my major to Early Childhood Education because of how much I enjoyed the kids there!

Well lo and behold I am now in my first semester as an Early Childhood Education major and I'm loving it! Who knew? Ive been questioning (along with many friends and family) why I hadn't done this all along?! I guess God has a plan in everything and although I really did enjoy studying social work, my experience in Early Childhood Education has been a great blessing and I am EXTREMELY excited for what the future holds!

Yours Truly,
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