From the Ground Up!

Our home is almost complete! Well maybe I should say that our house is almost complete. Its when we move in, plant our love, & warm it with friends and family, is when it becomes a home!

Our building began in September of 2011 and here and how in the month of January 2012 it is almost complete! Can you believe it?! I cant!

the 1st wall up!

Its been an absolutely WONDERFUL experience through and through. Sherry, the woman who sold us the house, has been a tremendous help and great support throughout the entire process. Our project manager, Ned, has been extremely informative and gracious in keeping us updated with all things "building". And best of all our NEIGHBORS! We have moved into a cul-de-sac and let me tell you!, the families in this sweet little circle are some of the kindest and closest neighbors I have ever met and I am excited to join this awesome group of people!

the hard hat that MDH bought

My crazy, hilarious and uber responsible hubby has been out to the lot every day since building started! I mean it. He hasn't missed a day! He's bought a hard hat, dirtied up several pairs of boots (tracking mud all through our cars and current apartment...grrrr) but has ultimately kept a great watch over the progress and taken some AMAZING pictures while he was at it.

I'm so excited for the way everything has come along! I am so looking forward to the finished project and cant wait to turn this house into a home!

Yours Truly,

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