The First of The Rules of Wifehood!

For whatever reason I was speaking in an British accent while typing up that title! ha ha

But BESIDES that point....I decided today that as a young wife I want to really cherish and remember the moments when I grow in my marriage. These 'growing' moments usually come out of a mistake that Ive made and realization that I should NEVER or should ALWAYS do, say or try something but none the less they are lessons learned that I of course want to remember and perhaps because they are documented I can pass them on to my daughter some lovely day! (Daughters do listen to their mothers right?.....)

So with that said my first lesson is as follows

Marriage Rule #1 *by the way these rules are in no particular order*

Whenever you bake ANYTHING always leave a few for your hubby

Exhibit A:

Mini Cherry Cheesecakes! I was invited to a ladies night with a group of wonderful women that I recently met and I wanted to bring something to share. As I was whipping these beauties up I thought that I should probably save some for the DH lest he see the pictures and become saddened and jealous. So I set a few aside for him to find in the fridge once he got home from work.......the sign says 'because you've always been my cherry on top' Aren't I so cleaver! Ha

Showing your spouse that you consider them in everything that you do (BIG and SMALL) just lets them know that your heart still beats for them each and everyday. Its in the small loving things that relationships and love are built and maintained :)

Yours Truly,
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