Valentines Day Lovies!

I decided that this year I wanted to make some cute little valentines for my girlfriends!

Here are some really cute ideas I found online:

I havent decided just yet what Im going to do but when my creative juices get flowing and all of them are complete I'll post just what I came up with!

Yours Truly,
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Who Knew?

Well to answer the titles question : Certainly not me! ha ha

Let me explain....

After studying two years of social work, MDH and I moved to a different area of the state and I took some time off of school until we got settled in. During that hiatus I ended up getting an administrative assistant position at one of the most incredible childcare centers in the city. I loved the job! Loved the environment, the people, but most of all I fell in love with the kids! My experience there with the children really meant alot to me and once DH and I started discussing when I would go back to school I mentioned that I may just want to change my major to Early Childhood Education because of how much I enjoyed the kids there!

Well lo and behold I am now in my first semester as an Early Childhood Education major and I'm loving it! Who knew? Ive been questioning (along with many friends and family) why I hadn't done this all along?! I guess God has a plan in everything and although I really did enjoy studying social work, my experience in Early Childhood Education has been a great blessing and I am EXTREMELY excited for what the future holds!

Yours Truly,
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The First of The Rules of Wifehood!

For whatever reason I was speaking in an British accent while typing up that title! ha ha

But BESIDES that point....I decided today that as a young wife I want to really cherish and remember the moments when I grow in my marriage. These 'growing' moments usually come out of a mistake that Ive made and realization that I should NEVER or should ALWAYS do, say or try something but none the less they are lessons learned that I of course want to remember and perhaps because they are documented I can pass them on to my daughter some lovely day! (Daughters do listen to their mothers right?.....)

So with that said my first lesson is as follows

Marriage Rule #1 *by the way these rules are in no particular order*

Whenever you bake ANYTHING always leave a few for your hubby

Exhibit A:

Mini Cherry Cheesecakes! I was invited to a ladies night with a group of wonderful women that I recently met and I wanted to bring something to share. As I was whipping these beauties up I thought that I should probably save some for the DH lest he see the pictures and become saddened and jealous. So I set a few aside for him to find in the fridge once he got home from work.......the sign says 'because you've always been my cherry on top' Aren't I so cleaver! Ha

Showing your spouse that you consider them in everything that you do (BIG and SMALL) just lets them know that your heart still beats for them each and everyday. Its in the small loving things that relationships and love are built and maintained :)

Yours Truly,
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From the Ground Up!

Our home is almost complete! Well maybe I should say that our house is almost complete. Its when we move in, plant our love, & warm it with friends and family, is when it becomes a home!

Our building began in September of 2011 and here and how in the month of January 2012 it is almost complete! Can you believe it?! I cant!

the 1st wall up!

Its been an absolutely WONDERFUL experience through and through. Sherry, the woman who sold us the house, has been a tremendous help and great support throughout the entire process. Our project manager, Ned, has been extremely informative and gracious in keeping us updated with all things "building". And best of all our NEIGHBORS! We have moved into a cul-de-sac and let me tell you!, the families in this sweet little circle are some of the kindest and closest neighbors I have ever met and I am excited to join this awesome group of people!

the hard hat that MDH bought

My crazy, hilarious and uber responsible hubby has been out to the lot every day since building started! I mean it. He hasn't missed a day! He's bought a hard hat, dirtied up several pairs of boots (tracking mud all through our cars and current apartment...grrrr) but has ultimately kept a great watch over the progress and taken some AMAZING pictures while he was at it.

I'm so excited for the way everything has come along! I am so looking forward to the finished project and cant wait to turn this house into a home!

Yours Truly,

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