Wife Extraordinaire!

Being married for the last two years has been absolutely AMAZING! In no way am I yet a wife extraoridnaire but I certainly plan on getting there!

Since my husband and I first discussed the topic of becoming married I have always taken my role as wife seriously and I have always wanted to put in all of the necesarry effort to make our marriage successful, fulfilling and of course fun!

One of my favorite websites is http://www.thedatingdivas.com/.

They have a site full of amazing ideas for married couples from birthday gift ideas to romantic ways to build anticipation for each other!

One of my favorite things about the website is their date night ideas! So many creative women have posted dozens fantastic ways to spend a romantic, fun or simply relaxing night with your guy.


I definitely wanted to get in on this awesome movement towards strengthing marriages and sharing ideas with other married women on how to have a blast with the one youre spending your lofe with!

Check back into thewife extraordinaire tab often where I'll be adding post both from other women who have fabulously creative ideas and also some of my own works for us to try out with those hunks we call hubbys!

xoxo Rachel CPin It

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