The Beautiful Gabby Turns 3!

When I first got married I knew absolutely no one in my husbands city. One of the first great friends I met was a wonderful woman by the name of Cecily. When she gave birth to her second daughter she named me and MDH the godparents and since our friendship has been an incredible blessing!

A few weeks ago her eldest daughter Gabrielle turned 3 and I wanted to do something special for her.....and I also wanted a good reason to catch up and chat with Cecily :)

Anywho I hung some fun balloons, threw a pretty pink table cloth over the tables and threw a fun impromptu three year old party!

I made a trip to my favorite department store *cough Von Maur cough* and picked up an ADORABLE Dora the Explorer backpack. Well I actually bought cant just buy something for one sister when the other is sitting right there!

I also baked up a strawberry cake with delicious choclate frosting and it was a hit with the girls!

We had such a great time. The girls enjoyed all of the party fun and Cicely and I had some much needed catching up in the meantime.

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