Beautiful Beginings!

Wonderful news!

Putting up the SOLD sticker was a GREAT FEELING!

My husband and I are building our first home! I couldn't be more grateful, excited, thrilled, or any other words that could possibly described this blessed time in our lives. It all started Memorial Day weekend when we decided to go check out some model homes around our area and then we found something that just worked out absolutely perfect. It fit our expectations, budget, size needs and also was in a beautiful neighborhood that we knew we would enjoy being a part of both now and years ahead!
Our seller going over our paperwork

We are building which adds a whole lot more to the whole new home owner process but it is so worth it! Picking out our flooring, cabinets, countertops, paint colors, siding and SO much more! Its truely a dream come true building my first home with my wonderful, wonderful husband. It really can't get any better!
Manny signing off on our new home!

This new chapter is starting out beautifully and I cannot wait to see how this whole process will pan out. Its been smooth sailing so far snd I know that with my amazing husband, supportive family and awesome God this will be another peice to this exhilarating puzzle my God has planned out as my life!

Its just the begining, and a beautiful one for sure!
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