The Help

This months Book Club pick is absolutely DELICIOUS! So much so that I cant put it down; not even for a second. I just started late last week and Im already half way through (which is a great thing for me since I have been known at times to not finish the club pick before the actual meeting....dont judge) lol

The Help is a wonderful, wonderful novel taking place during the onset of the civil rights mvenment when a large number of black women were working as maids for the more wealthy white women and black men were getting beat to death simply for saying that a there needed to be a change.

Skeeter, a young white woman looking for a career in journalism and not bothered with the things expected of her such as a husband, kids and excitement over the weekly bridge games, just happens to get hte opportunity to give the black community a voice. It may not be safe but she and the maids that are working with her to let those stories be heard, are willing to take the risk!

Im enjoying every part of this novel. The author has such a great voice for each character and the plot is something you can wrap yourself up in quite quickly!

The ladies in my bookclub and I will be finishing up the book then heading to see the movie followed by our meeting with desserts, drinks and Im sure plenty of talk about this Katheryn Stockett novel!

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